The Beauty of Biblical Peep Dioramas


I’m not saying I invented the concept of peep dioramas. I’m just pointing out that there are witnesses to the fact that I brought a peep diorama of the beheading of John the Baptist to that fateful Easter dinner back in 1992; that seminary classmates can attest to the peep diorama parties of 1999 and 2000; and that the Washington Post contest has only been running since 2007. You be the judge.

Since I will never live down my peep-related history – every year I still get sent articles and peep-related objets (Peep milk? Ugh!) – I figured I might as well embrace it and share with you the wonders of Biblical Peep Dioramas, in case you don't already know.

Biblical Peep Dioramas are just what they sound like: a diorama based on a Biblical narrative using Peeps and Bunnies, shoe boxes, and other craft material, Easter grass, candies, and anything else that might help you illustrate the text. And it’s amazing what people come up with. Maybe it’s just due to the Bible nerds I hang out with, but people really got into it. And if you’re not interested in building a diorama, at least you can eat the Peeps.

I highly encourage setting up a Peep Diorama Party where individuals or groups can build dioramas together, and then finding a place to display them all. I’m not big on having a contest aspect. I’ve found it’s plenty entertaining just to display and share.

This is not just for youth either. This would be an excellent intergenerational event. I certainly didn't start building peep dioramas until I was in my 20s, and the WaPo contest proves that adults take this activity plenty seriously.

Here’s the thing: I know it sounds silly and irreverent, but when I was making Biblical peep dioramas, I truly dug into the text to make sure I was getting the scene right. Well, as right as you can when you’re using marshmallows. But it made me think about the stories and how I saw them, how I interpreted them, who was there, what was the context.  

This isn’t about artistic excellence. This is about finding yet another way to make Scripture our own. I’m no artist, so my dioramas never lived up to my image of what I hoped they would be, but in the process of trying, I gained insight into Scripture.

And the truth is, creating this with peeps made the stakes fairly low. So what if Goliath didn’t look exactly right? He was only a chocolate bunny with a jelly bean lodged in his head.  But I had fun and the Scripture itself became lodged in my brain in a new way.