Class Creed from Union Congregational UCC Church in Churchville, NY

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As part of the Confirm not Conform program, each class is asked to work together to develop a class creed and to share it with their congregation. The following is the Class Creed written by the 2017 CnC class at Union Congregational UCC in Churchville, NY. Enjoy.

Confirmation Class Creed:

Fundamental Beliefs That Guide Our Lives

As part of their spiritual journey the confirmation class students created a creed that reflects the key guiding beliefs they hold together. This was a process that has been followed in the creation of other creeds, with each person declaring their beliefs and the group working to develop a common creed that reflects their shared beliefs.

We believe everyone is equal.

We believe people shouldn't be judged.

We believe a church should be accepting.

We believe a church should help people through hard times.

We believe a church should be a place where people can be themselves.

We believe that going or not going to church does not make you a good or bad Christian.

We believe you don't have to go to church for God to listen to you, if God exists.

We believe God might exist.

We believe it is okay to have doubts and questions about God.

We believe God does not have a gender.

We believe that if God exists, God would love everyone.

We believe that if God exists, God would help people.

We believe it is okay to question things in the Bible.

We believe people have a right to choose what they believe.

We believe religion shouldn't be used to harm others.

We believe we should treat people the way we want to be treated.

We believe we should try to understand others' beliefs.