A Creed

As part of the Confirm not Conform program, each class works together to come up with a Creed. The Creed below was created by the CnC class at St. John's, Oakland, which is having its iConfirm service today. 

A Creed
We believe in God
Who understands us all
A Friend to everyone
Inclusive and loving
Giver and forgiver
We believe in Jesus
Human version of God
Embodiment of kindness
One of God’s children
Teacher and preacher of God’s word and love
Our God connection
We believe in the Holy Spirit
The heart of God within us
The connection between earth and God
The mixture of God and Jesus and followers
Activator of us all
We believe in the Church
A community that believes together
That communicates with God and aids us in our decisions
That carries the will of God
That does not judge others
A place of unconditional love, filled with peace and grace that embraces equality