Question a Day Advent Calendar

It occurred to me that it might be useful to have an Advent Calendar with daily discussion starters for families or youth. After all, isn't an Advent calendar all about discovery? And doesn't it seem like one way to do that would be to ask each other questions? Surely there are things like this available, but I couldn't find one online. And so I wrote this one.

I tried to write questions that were deep without prying, and that are appropriate for all ages, but feel free to amend them as you see fit.

You can send these as texts or in an email; post them on Facebook pages; or send them home. Or you can keep them for another time. I hope you find them useful.

Happy Advent to you!

Question a Day Advent Calendar

Sunday, November 29 – Advent 1: What’s something you’re looking forward to?
November 30: What’s something you saw today that caught your attention?
December 1: Who helped you to do something today?
December 2: What makes you feel grateful?
December 3: What color and shape best describes your day?
December 4: What’s your favorite place for thinking?
December 5: What’s the best advice you heard this week?
Sunday, December 6 – Advent 2: What makes you feel like you’re at home and not just a visitor?
December 7: What sound or song makes you feel good?
December 8: Who encouraged you today?
December 9: What would you like to be better at?
December 10: What kind of animal best captures your personality?
December 11: What is a holy place for you?
December 12: When did you experience stillness this week?
Sunday, December 13 – Advent 3: Tell about a time when someone surprised you.
December 14: What smell brings back memories for you?
December 15: Who brought you good news today?
December 16: What is something you feel you do well?
December 17: What used to scare you that doesn’t scare you now?
December 18: Where would you like to go someday, and why?
December 19: Describe a time when you felt blessed.
Sunday, December 20 – Advent 4: What does the word “rejoice” mean to you?
December 21: What’s a story you were told about the day you were born?
December 22: Who comforted you today?
December 23: What’s your favorite way to greet a friend?
December 24: What demonstrates to you that you are loved?