Program Overview: CnC for Adults

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Thank you for your interest in CnC for Adults. Find out more about the concept behind the program below, or simply check out a sample session to find out what it's about.

What is CnC for Adults?

CnC for Adults is a spiritual formation program based on the youth curriculum Confirm not Conform. CnC for Adults shares the youth program’s emphasis on building an authentic faith, but with a focus on the spiritual and developmental needs of people in the middle of their life.

CnC for Adults' lessons invite participants to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask and to explore their faith from an adult perspective. The lesson plans covers the basics on Bible, creeds, prayers book and sacraments, topics which may have been ignored or lost in the mists of time. Participants experiment with different spiritual practices to find what ones work best for them. And they also consider the important and often ignored topic of how they want to use the time remaining to them.

Like the youth program, CnC for Adults is flexible. Its lessons, or parts thereof, can serve as an adult confirmation course, a general adult education program, a Sunday morning series, a newcomer orientation, a retreat program, and more.

However you use CnC for Adults, the program helps adults explore what they truly believe instead of what they feel they’re supposed to think, and then integrate their beliefs into their daily lives.

Why we created CnC for Adults

The idea for CnC for Adults was born in a parking lot. We were watching parents drive in to drop off their kids for the CnC youth program when we realized four things:

  • The parents were going to have to come back in 90 minutes to pick their kids up. Why not offer them a reason to stick around?
  • Chances were high that these parents had never thought in-depth about faith issues since their own confirmations sometime in the previous millennium. Additionally, parents had already told us they endured the very kind of confirmation class that Confirm not Conform was developed to combat: the no-questions-allowed, say-the-right-words, show-up-for-the-bishop, do-it-because-your-parents-said-so kind of confirmation. We could fix that.
  • If we provided an engaging class for both parents and kids, they were going to keep talking about it during the week. It’s good to get people engaged in the classroom; it’s incredible to keep them engaged over the dinner table.
  • Any class for parents would work equally well for any adult in the parish – it could be made available to everyone.

The result was CnC for Adults, a unique program related to its youthful counterpart but with its own grown-up sensibility

Pricing and Ordering

You can purchase a license to use CnC for Adults for your church, which entitles you to download materials and create as many copies as you wish to use as often and for as long as you wish within the purchasing church. You can order CnC for Adults in tandem with Confirm not Conform, or as a separate program.

Pricing is based on Average Sunday Attendance (ASA).

Please contact Forward Movement at 1-800-543-1813 or to receive your copy. You can also order online at Forward Movement.


If you have more questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at