Now available! Confirm not Conform Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, UCC -- and our original Episcopal flavor!

Greetings one and all! Thank you for your interest in Confirm not Conform, a confirmation program that celebrates questions and choices.

We believe an authentic faith is a strong faith. Confirm not Conform along with CnC for Adults provide a safe place for people to explore the breadth of the Christian tradition, to ask questions and express their doubts, and to discover what they truly believe.

In addition to our original program, developed from an Episcopal perspective, we are pleased to announce that the following programs are now available from Forward Movement

Confirm not Conform Lutheran

Confirm not Conform Methodist

Confirm not Conform Presbyterian

Confirm not Conform UCC

Each of these programs includes three sessions tailored specifically for the history, polity, theology, and traditions of the denomination while remaining consistent with Confirm not Conform's overall approach and ethos

We invite you to explore our philosophy and the principles behind Confirm not Conform.  Download and review a sample session from the original version. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Blog as you discover whether Confirm not Conform is right for you.

We are committed to creating materials that engage youth and adults, helping them to explore and articulate an authentic faith, and giving you and all who serve in Christian formation the resources you need to carry out your ministry.

To find out more about Confirm not Conform,
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