Pricing and Ordering

You can order Confirm not Conform online or by calling Forward Movement at 1-800-543-1813.


for Confirm not Conform materials

Both youth and adult 

Either youth or adult 

Congregation under 100 Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) = $399

Congregation under 100 Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) = $299

Congregation 100-299 (ASA) = $549  Congregation 100-299 (ASA) = $399 
Congregation 300 plus (ASA) = $699  Congregation 300 plus (ASA) = $499 



• Small congregations (under 50 ASA), please contact Forward Movement for special update pricing.

• If you refer a new customer who purchases a license, you will receive $50 for each referral (up to a maximum of the full price of your license).

• A Diocesan Licensing arrangement is also available. Please contact Forward Movement for details.

Confirm not Conform for Youth and Confirm not Conform for Adults (Episcopal) are now available for download.

• Confirm not Conform (Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, UCC)  will be available  summer 2013.

*This licensing fee is a one-time cost for the program and related materials, all of which will be provided as downloadable files. Your license fee also includes support from the staff of Confirm not Conform and Forward Movement. In the future, the program may be updated, and current customers would receive a substantial discount on major updates. See the license for full terms and conditions.


Please contact Forward Movement with questions or to purchase a license.