Testimonials from Participants

CnC allowed me to question my beliefs and gave me a chance to realize what truly matters to me as a member of the Episcopal Church. I was able to do so with a group of people that did not try to control me in anyway. I felt like everyone wanted to help me out. If anybody feels the way that I did, they should definitely get involved.


The program encourages you to find your own voice within your church community and within your faith, and that’s really important, especially for teenagers because there are many ways they are not heard.

Former CnC participant

Testimonials from Parents

It was a great spiritual journey for the kids.  It helped them make an informed decision about their faith in a non-judgmental environment. They had free choice!

As a parent I appreciated this program because it gave the kids a chance to see other faiths. It also focused them on their faith during a time that other influences are so strong. Amanda seems stronger in her convictions and her faith after going through this program.

Testimonials from Church Leaders

I have spent A LOT of time looking for a good confirmation program that speaks to youth without being dumbed down or fill in the blank. CnC is the first program that I found engaging enough to keep youth coming back and wanting to learn more. Our adults love being mentors and now people come up and ask me when they can be one.

Confirm not Conform is perhaps the most comprehensive and developmentally appropriate confirmation program I have had the pleasure of using.

I expected yet another "groundbreaking new approach" to Confirmation, like so many others I’ve seen during my ministry. What a surprise to discover this one truly was a new approach that respected teenagers as thinking and reflective members of our faith community, complete with questions and opinions. Above all, the program is relevant to them. It doesn’t proclaim definite truths, other than God’s love for each of us, period. Instead, it invites participants to discover faith and God through their lives and experiences.

The example of leadership, responsibility and maturity found in the first candidates made parents and guardians the next age group want their youths to participate in the program. Many people in the congregation have been asking questions such as "When do we get to say the new CnC creed?" I would say that the program has had a lasting effect.

We are thrilled with the program, and how it honored the journey of faith discovery for the youth. The adults involved felt that it was personally helpful, too. What a gift CnC has been! The parish is really seeing the youth take their place among them as full members, teaching all of us something about the nature of what it is to be a Christian and a member of the Church. 

I have loved using Confirm Not Conform curriculum.  It is the best confirmation program I have ever used.

CnC for Adults

We consistently had between 25-35 people each time, and many told me it was one of the best classes they joined.